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Our Hand-Knitted Bowtie Neck Warmer:

Our hand-knitted bowtie neck warmer will soon be featured on Biashara Africa. Biashara Africa as a platform is dedicated to amplifying women and youth-owned small businesses, Biashara Africa aligns perfectly with our as The Crafters Agency mission to support community growth and empowerment through our artisanal products.

Biashara Africa operates on a mission to equip women and youth-owned small businesses with essential resources for success. Through targeted programs encompassing financial literacy, digital skills, market connections, and financing opportunities, Biashara Africa empowers entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Our bowtie neck warmer transcends fashion; it embodies the craftsmanship and dedication of artisans who pour their passion into each hand-knitted piece. By showcasing our product on Biashara Africa, we aim to spotlight not only its quality and uniqueness but also our commitment to supporting marginalized communities.

When you invest in our bowtie neck warmer, you’re not just acquiring a stylish accessory – you’re contributing to a brighter future for women and youth entrepreneurs. Your support enables us to uphold ethical production practices and continue our community empowerment initiatives.

Join us in celebrating entrepreneurship and empowerment by exploring our hand-knitted bowtie neck warmer on Biashara Africa, on this Mother’s day. Together, we can drive positive change and empower individuals striving to build a better tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming feature and help us spread the word about this exciting collaboration with Biashara Africa. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact, one stitch at a time.

Thank you Biashara Africa for your unwavering support and commitment to empowering women and youth-owned small businesses.

Happy Mother’s day

Appelles (The Crafters Agency)


My name is Appelles Kireru, and I’m the Proprietor of The Crafter's Agency. I taught myself how to crochet in 2014, and I have been hooked ever since. In 2020, I finally conquered my fear of knitting, and I haven’t looked back since. But crochet is still my favorite! I also love to sew small projects. I make Artisan soap, design and make jewelry from time to time. I do my fair share of cooking and love to bake, too.

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