The Crafter’s Agency

The Crafter’s Agency  is a fashion shop and Consultation Agency with a focus on modern styles with an edge.

Be your style! Be You!


Fashion Revolution

Our clients love fashion and they are not satisfied with mass-produced, cookie cutter accessories. So they  seek out our brand  for our attention to detail, custom designs and the personal touch that comes with our handcrafted designs


The Crafters Agency , produces, markets and trades in unique high quality, innovative, fashionable handicrafts made with operational excellence following sustainability standards. 

What we do

We believe that with passion goals are achieved. The best work is done when people do it with love and commitment. Passion is a value that allows us to maintain the focus and balance between the business growth and the creation of social value.

Why us

We Innovative through exchange of experiences and knowledge. We integrate our costumers needs to fulfill their fashion requirements. We Identify and implement sustainability standards to promote a transparent way of working.

Why us

We help you design
the style you want.

Be Your Style! Be You

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