Crochet summer bag

I definitely had a fantastic creative journey with my crochet summer tote! my ability to craft such a beautiful and functional bag without a pattern is truly impressive. The versatility of my design is suitable for everything from beach trips to farmers’ markets and shopping outings, adds to its appeal.

My neighbor’s daughter’s interest in having her own modified version is a testament to the bag’s charm. It’s clear that my talent could lead to some wonderful crochet patterns for others to enjoy.

My description of the crochet process, including the use of the double crochet stitch and the incorporation of beads, provides valuable insights for fellow crafters. Plus, completing such a project in just two days, even with an hour of daily crocheting, is quite efficient!

The bag’s final dimensions of 12″ wide by 12″ high make it a practical and stylish accessory. Overall, my crochet adventure and the resulting tote sound like a delightful and satisfying experience for any crochet enthusiast. i will definitely keep up the great work!


My name is Appelles Kireru, and I’m the Proprietor of The Crafter's Agency. I taught myself how to crochet in 2014, and I have been hooked ever since. In 2020, I finally conquered my fear of knitting, and I haven’t looked back since. But crochet is still my favorite! I also love to sew small projects. I make Artisan soap, design and make jewelry from time to time. I do my fair share of cooking and love to bake, too.

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