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How to crochet a wobbly squares blanket pattern

If granny square blankets don’t appeal to you, you might be interested in trying this new stitch, the wobbly square. Classified as a beginner skill, all you need to know to create the wobbly square, according to Twin Stitches, is the slip stitch, the chain, the magic ring, the double crochet and the double crochet 2 together.

The result of mixing colors with this cool stitch is a slightly psychedelic look. Part of the beauty of this square is that you create one fluid piece rather than joining individual squares or circles together. This allows you control to easily grow the blanket to the size you desire.

If you are unfamiliar with the double chain 2 together (dc2tog), Crochet Parfait has a great step-by-step set of instructions that shows you exactly how to create the stitch. To successfully complete it, you simply have to know how to do a double crochet and then follow the instructions on how to tweak it a little.

The starting point for every wobbly square pattern is the magic ring, also known as the magic circle and magic loop. Crochet World neatly breaks down the basic steps in creating the loop. When done correctly, you should be able to close the circle so that there is no opening in the center.

Since the wobbly square pattern blanket is a square, it’s easy to fold and store. Those who really like geometric shapes will find this pattern pleasant to the eye with just enough of an artistic flair that they won’t be accused of being boring.

If the pictures and written and instructions aren’t your forte, check out Tamara Kelly’s YouTube video below that teaches how to do the single crochet 2 together and double crochet 2 together.

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