DIY Rug Making / Mat Making


Rug making is an excellent way to pass time and to custom make your own rags.

Here are some of the methods commonly used to make rugs

 Latch hooking : this is where a latch hook is used, similar to the one used to in crochet hairdos. This method is time consuming and considered very laborious.  However latch hook mats  give value for time, they last along time and are aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a link on how to make the latch hook  rugs

Crochet hooking : This is where a crochet hook, yarn is used together with a tapestry mesh, the mesh is crocheted  to  form loops which are either cut or are left as is.  this technique resembles the latch hook rugs,  the advantage it has over the latch hook rug mats, is that it  works up much faster. The only downside is if one stitch gets pulled the rug will run (as in it will not hold together). here is a tutorial on how to make crochet  hook rug

Sack- Hooking: This is where instead of using the plastic mesh, a sack is used as the base to which the rug is woven some use a latch hook and others a punch needle. Because of the wear and tear of very day use if not woven well, will loose it’s shape and it is a slippery mat because it has no backing.

Sack gluing hooking-  the above mentioned techniques are so laborious and time consuming someone decided to shorten the process and came up with a faster. Of making the mats by way of using a glue gun to stick one side of the yarn then cut to imitate latch hooking. This technique would do well as a decorative piece and not as a functional piece.



My name is Appelles Kireru, and I’m the Proprietor of The Crafter's Agency. I taught myself how to crochet in 2014, and I have been hooked ever since. In 2020, I finally conquered my fear of knitting, and I haven’t looked back since. But crochet is still my favorite! I also love to sew small projects. I make Artisan soap, design and make jewelry from time to time. I do my fair share of cooking and love to bake, too.

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